CWB Announces New Requirement for Electronic Signature Approval for All Submissions Beginning January 31, 2023

Posted on Aug 16, 2022 in Announcements

The Department of Health (DOH), Environmental Health Administration (EHA) e-Permitting Portal received Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR) certification by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for electronic signature. Currently, Applicants and Permittees may now certify and submit EHA Electronic Signature Forms electronically through the EHA e-Permitting Portal without the need to physically send in an ink signature and CD/DVD/flash drive.

Beginning January 31, 2023, the DOH, Clean Water Branch (CWB) will only utilize electronic signature e-Permitting forms and discontinue the hard-copy signature forms. All hard-copy signature certification e-Permitting forms, including compliance forms, will be inactivated.

Below is a list of electronic signature e-Permitting forms that are available:

The electronic signature forms will require electronic signature approval to submit a form to the CWB. Importantly, only individuals who will be electronically signing the form (Certifying Person and Authorized Representative) need to get electronic signature approval. For individuals who will not be electronically signing, do not apply for approval. For Permittees who have used the current wet signature forms, only the individual(s) who would be signing the hard copy form would need to apply for electronic signature approval. If you already have electronic signature approval, no action is required.

For instructions to complete the process for electronic signature e-Permitting Portal Forms, as well as guidance on whether you need to apply for electronic signature approval please see: e-Permitting Portal Application Forms Instructions for Electronic Signature.

If you need to apply for electronic signature approval, the CWB encourages you to seek approval of e-Permitting Electronic Subscriber Agreement (ESA) at your earliest convenience to avoid delays in processing of requests. Please see below for instructions:

  • Step 1: Access the e-Permitting Portal
    1. An e-Permitting Portal account is required to access forms. Create an account by visiting to access the e-Permitting Portal and complete a one-time registration.
  • Step 2: Complete the e-Permitting Portal Registration Process
    1. In the e-Permitting Portal, click on “Register”. Fill in the information to complete the user profile. Information including an email address will be required to register (IMPORTANT: The same email address used for the e-Permitting Portal System Account will later be asked to be provided on the ESA form.).
    2. Once all information is provided, a verification email will be sent to the provided email address. Once the verification code in the email is entered, the account will be activated.
    3. Please note that this does not authorize the account for electronic signature use. This only allows the account to access e-Permitting Portal forms.
  • Step 3: Submit the Electronic Subscriber Agreement (ESA) Form
    1. Download, fill out properly, notarize and mail in the ESA Form to the DOH to authorize the account for electronic signatures form use. The ESA Form can be accessed from: Electronic Subscriber Agreement Form.
    2. Only individuals who will be electronically signing will submit the ESA form. If an individual will not be the Certifying Person or Authorized Representative for any projects, they will not submit an ESA Form. Each submission has defined signatory requirements. Please be sure to read the form carefully when determining who electronically signs the submission.
    3. The Application Submitter must have Electronic Signature approval within the e-Permitting Portal. However, anyone with a registered e-Permitting Portal System Account can be the Application Preparer.
    4. The email address provided on the ESA form must be the same email address used for the e-Permitting Portal System Account. Please note when completing the form that the address provided must be a street address. Post office boxes are not allowed.
    5. Once the notarized ESA form is approved, a notification email will be sent.
    6. The account will be authorized to electronically submit forms and reports using the e-Permitting Portal System after setting up security questions for the account. Be sure to remember the security question selections and responses (i.e., When submitting forms, the submitter will be asked one or more of these questions, and the responses must match in order to verify the submitter’s identity and complete the submission.). The electronic signature will have the same legal force as an actual handwritten signature.


  • Beginning January 31, 2023, if you are making a request to be covered under a general permit, please use Electronic Signature CWB NOI Form.
  • Beginning January 31, 2023, if you are submitting a compliance submission in fulfillment of a permit condition, please use the Electronic Signature CWB Compliance Submittal Form for Individual NPDES Permits and NGPCs, or the Electronic Signature CWB Compliance Submittal Form for Section 401 WQCs.

For more information see:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Clean Water Branch at [email protected] or (808) 586-4309.