CWB Completes Re-Adoption of HAR 11-55 Appendices ADHIM Effective June 26, 2023

Posted on Jul 7, 2023 in Announcements

The Department of Health, Clean Water Branch (CWB) has completed the rulemaking process for revisions to Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 11-55 (HAR 11-55) and has re-adopted the standard conditions for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) general permits contained in HAR 11-55 Appendix A and the NPDES general permits contained in HAR 11-55 Appendices A, D, H, I, and M.

Final copies of the amended rules, facts sheets, and response to comments are available below and on our HAR 11-55 page at: FAQs are also available at:

June 26, 2023 Amendments
HAR 11-55 Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR), Title 11, Chapter 55
HAR 11-55 Fact Sheet
Response to Public Comments on HAR 11-55 and Appendices ADHIM
HAR 11-55 Appendix A – NPDES General Permit Standard Conditions Appendix A
Appendix A Fact Sheet
HAR 11-55 Appendix D – Discharges of Treated Effluent from Leaking Underground Storage Tank Remedial Activities Appendix D
Appendix D Fact Sheet
HAR 11-55 Appendix H – Discharges of Treated Process Wastewater Associated with Petroleum Bulk Stations and Terminals Appendix H
Appendix H Fact Sheet
HAR 11-55 Appendix I – Discharges of Treated Process Wastewater Associated with Well Drilling Activities Appendix I
Appendix I Fact Sheet
HAR 11-55 Appendix M – Point Source Discharges from the Application of Pesticides Appendix M
Appendix M Fact Sheet


All currently issued and effective Notices of General Permit Coverages (NGPCs) issued under the previous Appendices ADHIM are now automatically administratively extended for sixty (60) days beginning June 26, 2023 and ending on August 25, 2023.

To maintain NPDES permit coverage for discharges continuing after August 25, 2023, Permittees must confirm that their project can comply with the newly re-adopted general permit and submit a new Notice of Intent to the CWB by August 25, 2023.

The NOI form is available on the e-Permitting Portal at: Go to the form finder on the Portal and search for the Electronic Signature CWB NOI Form.

More information on the renewal process for each general permit is available on our FAQs page at:

Failure to submit a new NOI by the deadline will result in the termination of the permit coverage effective August 25, 2023.