Getting Started – Physicians and APRNs

Physicians and APRNs are not required to register with DOH in order to certify qualifying patients for the Medical Cannabis Registry program.  However, before certifying physicians/APRNs can submit an electronic application, they:

  1. MUST complete the Electronic Signature Agreement form before using the new electronic system in order for DOH to accept their electronic signature.  Please download the form, complete it on a computer (or type), print it out, sign it, date it, and return it to DOH.  Electronic signatures on this form are NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Mail completed form to:  4348 Waialae Avenue, #648, Honolulu, Hawaii  96816. View video for an overview of how to Physician/APRN: Create a MEDMJ accountNote: Although training documents may say “physician”, please be advised that the process is the SAME for both certifying physicians and certifying APRNs.
  2. MUST “link” their MyPVL license before creating their first online application.  Physician/APRN MyPVL Instructions (PDF)  – view before attempting to submit an electronic application then go to MyPVL to link your account.
  3. Should be sure to use their Hawaii Medical License Number (without the “MD” or “DOS”)  or Hawaii Registered Nurse License Number, as applicable, and they must use their Hawaii Controlled Substance Registration Number (usually starts with E).
  4. MUST click the “Doctor’s First Time Log In” the first time they go to and enter ALL of their information.  To change any information entered, physicians/APRNs may do so in a subsequent patient’s record.  For example, you entered the wrong email address for the office and you want to change it.  In the NEXT record that you enter, you can make the change on the physician’s certification page.


The Patient Registration Process allows the physician/APRN to:

(See Patient Initiated Applications for detailed instructions or you can view a brief Video OVERVIEW)

  1. review patient applications (that is, the information that a patient includes in the application such as their name, address, caregiver, grow site, etc.)  – RECOMMENDED
  2. return a patient’s application to a patient if there is a need for corrections (i.e. patient decides to add a caregiver before or wants to change the grow site address) – OPTIONAL
  3. certify their patient’s condition – REQUIRED
  4. upload documents on behalf of a patient – OPTIONAL (application can not be submitted to DOH without the required documents uploaded; patient has the ability to upload their own documents)
  5. create a patient record for patients that are unable to enter their own data, at physician’s discretion, and submit to DOH (similar to the initial interim system but no hard copies are mailed; only soft copies uploaded to electronic application; must have original hand written signatures of patient and caregiver; money orders are NOT accepted).  See detailed instructions for Physician/APRN Initiated Applications or you can view a brief Video OVERVIEW.
  6. submit the electronic application to DOH – REQUIRED


Click here for more information about MAKING CORRECTIONS to an Application. You can also view a Corrections OVERVIEW video of making corrections to an application.

The following are steps the physician should take before calling Customer Support:

  1. Does the physician/APRN have a “valid, current and in good standing” Medical License/Registered Nurse number and a state controlled substance registration number?
  2. Has the physician/APRN linked their medical license to their MyPVL account by visiting
  3. Did the physician/APRN click the ‘Doctors/APRNs, first time logging in?’ link on the landing screen of
  4. Did the physician/APRN log in using the same NAME, EMAIL and PASSWORD that was used to create their MyPVL account?

If the physician/APRN has #1 and has done #2 – #4, but is still having difficulty with either linking their medical license to their MyPVL account or logging into, please call Customer Support at (808) 695-4620 from Oahu and (866) 448-0725 from neighbor islands.  Remember, all support staff are doing their best to assist you.  Your professional and respectful interaction with them is greatly appreciated!

Please be advised that the entity (HIC) that manages the web hosted Medical Cannabis Registry application system is a VENDOR and that communication with HIC does not constitute communication with the Department of Health. The supportive services that HIC provides are technical in nature ONLY (you forgot your password or username and are unable to login to your account at, browser compatibility, the system won’t allow you to make payment or to “submit” the application, etc.).

For Patient Registration Process, see Patient Application Process & Tips for information specific to patients.