Medical Providers – Getting Started

The DOH Medical Cannabis Registry Program is a Registration Program.

  1. A Medical Provider must certify in writing that in their professional opinion the qualifying patient has a debilitating medical condition and the potential benefits of the medical use of cannabis would likely outweigh the health risks for the qualifying patient.
  2. Qualifying patients (and their primary caregivers, if applicable) shall register with the DOH, and DOH shall issue the qualifying patient a registration certificate (the 329 Card).
  3. DOH must provide access to registry information to Law Enforcement for official Law Enforcement purposes.


DOH recommends that potential qualifying patients discuss whether or not medical cannabis is the right treatment option for their condition with the medical provider that is currently treating them for that condition.

  • All certifying Physicians must have a Valid Hawaii Medical License Number & a Valid Hawaii Controlled Substance License Number.
  • All certifying APRNs must have a Valid RN License Number & a Valid Hawaii Controlled Substance License Number.

*For issues regarding your Professional & Vocational licenses, please reach out to the DCCA for guidance.

Before a certifying Medical Provider can submit an electronic application, they:

  1. MUST complete the Electronic Signature Agreement for DOH to accept their electronic signature. Please download the form, fill in your information in the fields provided, print, sign, date, and mail to DOH. Please mail the completed form to:
    Medical Cannabis Registry
    4348 Waialae Avenue #648
    Honolulu, Hawaii  96816
    *Electronic signatures on this form are NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  2. View video for an overview of how to Physician/APRN: Create a MEDMJ account.
    Note: Although training documents may say “physician”, please be advised that the process is the SAME for both certifying physicians and certifying APRNs.
  3. MUST “link” their MyPVL license before creating their first online application.  Physician/APRN MyPVL Instructions (PDF)  – view before attempting to submit an electronic application then go to MyPVL to link your account.
  4. Enter your Hawaii Medical License Number (without the “MD” or “DOS”)  or Hawaii Registered Nurse License Number, as applicable, and must enter their Hawaii Controlled Substance Registration Number (usually starts with E).
  5. Go to and click the “Doctor’s First Time Log In” (located on top right of the screen) and enter your information in all of fields.

The Patient Registration Process allows the Medical Provider to:

(See Patient Initiated Applications for detailed instructions or you can view a brief Video OVERVIEW)

  1. RECOMMENDED- Review Patient Applications (Patient-initiated Application = Patients will create a account to complete and pay the DOH application fee. Once submitted, the app will be sent their certifying providers pending queue)
  2. Medical Provider can return a patient’s application to a patients account if a correction is needed
  3. Medical Provider must certify their patient’s medical condition to forward application to DOH for review & approval
  4. Medical Provider can, if they choose to, upload documents on behalf of a patient

IF a patient does not have technical access to create a account, a Physician-initiated Application can be created by the Medical Provider on the behalf of the patient. This option is at the Medical Provider’s discretion.

*See detailed instructions for Physician/APRN Initiated Applications or you can view a brief Video OVERVIEW.


Please be advised:
The entity (HIC) that manages the web hosted Medical Cannabis Registry application system is a VENDOR. Communication with HIC does not constitute communication with the Department of Health.

The supportive services that HIC provides are technical in nature ONLY.