Communication Access

Hawaii Administrative Rules

Communication Access, Title 11, Chapter 218 (Accessible Version)
Communication Access, Title 11, Chapter 218 (PDF Version)

Hawaii Quality Assurance System (HQAS)

HQAS Information

HQAS Application

HQAS Test: March 21 and March 22, 2016

Deadline to register: March 7, 2016

Hawaii Quality Assurance System (HQAS)
Continuing Education Program (CEP)
The Disability and Communication Access Board announces a new online system for sign language interpreters enrolled in the HQAS CEP. The new system is designed to reduce paper consumption and errors by automatically calculating CEU totals. To learn more about the HQAS CEP, please visit the website at

Communication Access Providers

Please click on Sign Language Interpreters for the current list.

Should you have questions about the list, please contact our office by phone (808) 586-8121 (V/TTY) or email,

ADA rights for American Sign Language

DCAB produced videos in American Sign Language for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing on their rights under the ADA. View on the YouTube website.

Communication Access Fact Sheets

How To Caption Your Videos or Live Shows (as of 8/25/15)

How to Obtain a Sign Language Interpreter

Access to HealthCare: Your Right to a Sign Language Interpreter

Guidance for HealthCare Providers in Ensuring Effective Communication

Communication Access Provisions Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act for State & Local Agencies

Communication Access Provisions Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act for Public Accommodations

Communication Access Provisions for Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS)

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Kristine Pagano
Communication Access Specialist
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Kamaile Hopfe
Program Support Technician
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