Environmental Health Analytical Services Branch

The Environmental Health Analytical Services Branch (EHASB) provides chemical and microbiological analytical services to Departmental of Health programs and to various federal, state and county agencies concerned with air pollution, drinking water, recreational waters, water pollution, and foods. We evaluate and certify laboratories involved in regulatory monitoring for contaminants in drinking water and dairy products. Our laboratories are certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the analysis of drinking water and by the Food and Drug Administration for the analysis of dairy products and shellfish. We also provide administrative oversight for breath alcohol and substance abuse testing.

Special analytical projects have included testing to ascertain effects of the Kaloko Dam breach on Kauai, Ala Wai Canal sewage spill on O’ahu, the effects of environmental arsenic exposure in Keaau on the Big Island, and periodic forensic analyses for the State Attorney General’s Office investigation of suspected environmental crimes.