DUI Program


The State Laboratories Division (SLD) is in charge of establishing and administering the state forensic blood and breath alcohol testing program. The purpose of the EHASB/DUI program is to ensure that appropriate and uniform forensic alcohol testing is performed throughout the State of Hawaii.

The EHASB/DUI Program:

  • To provide technical assistance to state, federal, county and private agencies in terms of the interpretation of the Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapter 11-114, “Testing of Blood, Breath and Other Bodily Substances for Alcohol Concentration”, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) testing and quality assurance.
  • To approve evidential breath alcohol testing instruments for use in Hawaii.
  • To coordinate the training program of Breath Alcohol Testing Supervisors.
  • To certify laboratories to perform forensic blood alcohol tests.


 Approved Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing Instruments: