In-State Patients

General Information

What do you need to apply for a 329 card? 

  • Valid Drivers License issued by a state of the United States, or
  • State photo identification card issued by a state of the United States, or
  • Valid passport
  • Minor patients without any of the above identification may submit an original birth certificate with a unique identification number issued by a state of the United States – please visit the Social Security Administration  for more information about the unique identification number.


Applicants need to be certified by, and maintain a Bona Fide Relationship with:

  • Physicians who have Hawaii Medical License & Hawaii Controlled Substance License
  • Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) who have prescriptive authority

Bona fide physician/APRN and patient relationship means “ongoing responsibility for the assessment, care and treatment of a qualifying patient’s debilitating medical condition with respect to the medical use of cannabis”.


If you are eligible, please click the links below.


It’s NOT okay to drive a motor vehicle when under the influence of medical cannabis