Individual Verification

Verification requests should not be made for the following:

  • child custody disputes,
  • divorce hearings,
  • employment background checks,
  • civil tort claims,
  • civil litigation or
  • any other non-criminal law enforcement purpose.

Will law enforcement be allowed to verify if an individual is registered in the Medical Cannabis Program? YES – 24/7 subject verification will be made available to designated law enforcement officers via an online system.

Are all law enforcement officers able to access this verification system? NO – only designated law enforcement officers for each county and the sheriff’s department will have access to the online verification system. Other law enforcement officers will need to access the system through those designated officers.

Can verification be done for criminal purposes? YES – DOH anticipates that most, if not all, verification will be for criminal purposes.

Law Enforcement Training Video – 24/7 Subject Verification & Grow Site Verification Process

Designated Officers can conduct 24/7 subject verification here.