Travel Tips for People to Hawaii

If you are traveling to Hawaii and need a directory of services for disabilities, please visit the Hawaii Tourism Authority website. This site will provide in-depth information on accessing beaches and trails, airline transportation, safety tips, and more.

DCAB developed the Hawaii Traveler Tips guides below for visitors with disabilities. The guides include information on the accessibility of Hawaii’s airports, accessible transportation, and other resources of importance to persons with disabilities. NOTE: The guides are intended solely as resources and do not serve as endorsements for any businesses or services listed. Suggestions for adding businesses and services for future publications are welcome.

NOTE: The Traveler Tips are large documents and may download slowly with dial-up connections.

Traveler Tips Oahu (Posted 12/21/2023)


Traveler Tips Hawaii  (Posted 08/09/2023)


Traveler Tips Maui & Molokai  (Posted 12/21/2023)


Traveler Tips Kauai  (Posted 08/09/2023)


Air Carrier Access Act  (Posted 1/18/2013)