State and County Coordinators

ADA Coordinators for State and County Government

The Disability and Communication Access Board (DCAB) implements its state Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordination role by working with a network of individuals in state and county agencies who have been assigned ADA responsibilities in their department or agency.

A department or agency ADA Coordinator is responsible for coordinating efforts of a respective government entity (state or county) to comply with Title II of the ADA.  The Coordinator will investigate any complaints received that the entity may be in violation of the ADA.  Note that ADA Coordinators are typically not assigned full time to ADA issues, but often handle grievances based on other protected classes or have other administrative duties.

The ADA Coordinator is often the main contact person when a person with a disability wishes to request an auxiliary aid or service for effective communication, such as an interpreter for a meeting or agency documents in alternate format.  The Coordinator will assist people with disabilities with their questions and may also be responsible to investigate and resolve complaints.

When DCAB receives a complaint, DCAB will refer the complaint to the appropriate departmental or agency ADA Coordinator for action.  If the department or agency requests technical assistance to resolve the issue, DCAB can be consulted to provide technical assistance.  DCAB does not have enforcement authority but works with all parties to assist with compliance with Title II requirements.

The following lists are of state and county ADA Coordinators who have been identified by their department or agency to assist people with disabilities, their families and service providers to receive accessible state and county services.