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In 2003, the Hawai‘i Comprehensive Cancer Control (HCCC) Coalition and developed a strategic plan to carry out the vision of “No more cancer.” The plan guided the Coalition’s activities to reduce Hawaii’s cancer burden. In 2010, key leaders from across Hawaii convened again, reviewed the progress of the current plan and updated it. The updated plan is driven by data in the Hawaii Cancer Facts & Figures 2010. The Hawaii State Cancer Plan represents collective thoughts, goals, strategies and passion for fighting cancer shared by the dedicated members of the Coalition. Our plan is a road map for reducing the cancer burden on Hawaii’s population.


Other Publications

Envision Our State with “No More Cancer”, Paula Higuchi, MSW, Chair, Hawai‘i Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition, Community Partnership Coordinator, University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center, Hawaii Medical Journal. Link

Preview of Hawaii Cancer Facts & Figure 2010, Hernandez, BY, Green, MD, Cassel, KD, Pobutsky, AM, Vu, V., Wilkens, L.R., Cancer Research Center of Hawaii Link