Hawaii State Asthma Control Program

The Hawaii Asthma Control Program (HSACP) works to reduce the burden of asthma in the state through comprehensive surveillance, partnerships, and evidence-based interventions. For additional tips and resources on asthma management, check out Control Asthma Hawaii.

Together with its partners, HSACP:

  • Expands quality asthma management initiatives for children in rural areas through school-based health centers;
  • Promotes awareness and action around air quality and asthma in VOG-affected areas;
  • Improves asthma identification and management practices in emergency departments, physician offices, schools and the community;
  • Reduces exposure to asthma triggers, such as cockroaches and tobacco smoke, by increasing awareness of the link between environmental triggers and asthma;
  • Engages community partners and stakeholders to identify gaps in the delivery of asthma-related programs and services in order to improve Hawaii’s existing asthma system of care; and
  • Develops, manages, tracks, and analyzes a uniform set of asthma health status indicators that are derived from a variety of sources (e.g. hospitals, insurers, DOH), while accommodating state and local asthma-related data needs through the expansion of the existing Comprehensive State Asthma Surveillance System.

For more information on HSACP’s partners, please see the links below: