Travel & Out of State Patients


Please be advised that according to federal law, possession of cannabis and cannabis infused products is illegal. 

Travel by any means, inter-island, to and from the mainland USA, and internationally means passing through federal airspace or jurisdiction. This may put medical cannabis patient or caregivers travelling with cannabis and/or cannabis infused products of any kind in jeopardy with the possibility of delay or arrest.

Please be aware of this and act accordingly. 

Out of State Patients

We are working to implement a process for out-of-state patients to register with our program and hope to launch the new system in the first half of 2019. We do not recognize other Medical Cannabis Registration cards from other states or U.S. territories at this time.

To purchase medical cannabis from a dispensary in Hawaii and to be afforded protections under our medical cannabis laws, you must be registered with our program. Although there is no residency requirement, the program is designed to serve qualifying individuals that reside in the state of Hawaii.

Qualifying patients may submit an application through the same process used by patients in Hawaii so long as they meet our eligibility requirements. Program staff will not be able to accommodate patients based on travel dates at this time.

Dispensaries in Hawaii


Hawaii County

Hawaiian Ethos – doors are not yet open

Lau Ola – doors are not yet open


Honolulu County:

Aloha Green

Cure Oahu

Noa Botanicals


Kauai County:

Green Aloha


Maui County:

Maui Grown Therapies

Pono Life Sciences