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Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Hawaii Concussion Awareness Management Program
Brain Injury Association America Severe Brain Injury: The Basics

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Keiki Injury Prevention Consortium Bike Helmet Safety
Center for Disease Control Prevention
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Choose the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Living with TBI

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Traumatic Brain Injury: Hope Through Research
Center for Disease Control Prevention What to Expect After a Concussion
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Traumatic Brain Injury: A Guide for Patients
Brain Injury Association of America Employment After TBI
Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center TBI and Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

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Amnesia A loss of memory. Amnesia can be caused by brain injury, shock, fatigue, repression, illness and sometimes anesthesia.
Abstract Thinking Being able to apply abstract concepts to new situations and surroundings.
Focal Brain Injury Damage confined to a small area of the brain. The focal damage is most often at the point where the head hits an object or where an object, such as a bullet, enters the brain.
Hematoma A collection of blood caused by the rupture or tearing of blood vessels.
Neuropsychology A science that combines the study of the brain’s structures and functions with psychological processes and human behaviors.

For more TBI medical terminology please visit Brainline’s Glossary of Brain Injury Terms.


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