Sepasitieni Feleunga

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Photo: Sepasitieni Feleunga

My name is Sepasitieni Feleunga. I lived on the Big island for about 25 years. I was living  with my lawyer friend in Waimea.  I used to house sit, do rock masonry, cement slabs, cut trees, and handyman work around the house. Life in general, was good and with everything I did, I gave my all.  I would always say “Go for broke”!  All my work depended on my physical  abilities to move things around.

One day I was going to Hilo Longs Drugs. I had notice that the sidewalk was wet. I slipped and fell. This fall was different than the other falls I had. I stayed down and could not move my legs. I thought to myself that this fall is a bad fall, but I continued like nothing happened. I eventually got off the ground and sat up. Moving slowly,  I got up with some help.  I painfully went into the store and bought a cane from Longs Hilo and went home.  I tried to tell myself that I was OK, but I was not OK.  I tried to go back to work. I could not do what was normal. My walking was different. Carrying things was harder. I needed help but was not getting help in Hilo. I knew that I had to get help soon or it would be too late for me. So, I decided to move where I would get help. So, I moved to Honolulu to live with my brother and mother.

I first went to an  orthopedic  Dr. for my knees. And the knee Dr. told me to go a spine Dr. The  first spine Dr. did not tell me what I needed to know about the operation and what to expect.  So, after the first surgery,  everything was fine, up until the second week of recovery.  After the second week. My legs were getting weak. I had to do an MRI and found out that I needed a second surgery. I changed Dr. at that time. The third Dr. was Chow. Dr. Chow gave me the news. I had to get  a second  surgery and I had a choice. Come in through my chest or go through my back. I used to cook pigs before, so I knew what the Dr. was saying.  I was scared of the first choice. So, I chose to go through my back. I had my thoracic 3 and 4 fused.  I had asked Dr. Chow, ” When am I going to walk again.” Dr. told me, ” Wait and See. We have to see what happens. ”

Photo: Sepasitieni holding a Charity Walk sign

So, I listen to the Dr. and made up my that I was going to walk again. I will do what Dr. Chow said to do and do my exercises and rest. Watching out that I not overdo it.

I went to the Pacific Rehab in Kuakini. I went there 2 times because I had two spine surgeries.  Pacific Rehab taught me how to live with a spine injury. I  went from a Wheelchair, to a Walker, to a Cane. When I go far distances, I use my wheelchair. Then when I go close distances, I use my walker. I am not strong enough to use my cane for far distances. I use my judgment on what devices that I am going to use that day.

I had to find resources that was free because I did not have money to pay for them. I found two main resources that I go to today.  First one, the Men’s Bible Study at New Hope Oahu. It is Called God Center, God Lead.  Here the second one is Access Surf Hawaii. The Men’s Bible Study is for my Spirit and Access Surf is for my Body. God reminds me that my days on earth is numbered. So, I follow God.  Access Surf reminds me that the Oceans is a Sea of Possibility. With these two organizations my life took a new turn. I now see the world differently than before. I see that to help others, is  helping myself.  I saw that with the people at Access Surf.

I go to beginning computer class. Here I am learning a skill so I can help myself get an income. Now , I have Men’s Bible Study, Access Surf, and Computer Classes to help me to go forward in my life. And I am taking time out to help others along the way. I have come a long way since getting my operation in 2017.  And I know I have a long way to go, but rebuilding my life with the right support, and being around the right people. I can make my life a better one.

Photo: Sepasitieni Feleunga

Please know that life is not an easy road to travel. So, get help where you can find it.  Do your homework. Spend time on what is important to you. Our Life here on Earth is limited. If you believe in Heaven, You must spend time to find out what are the rules to get there. So, when you arrive you won’t be surprise what you find.

Join a nonprofit group so you can help someone else. Helping someone else in their time of need is priceless. Seeing a person get help from you will bring  Joy in your Life. When you help anyone, please do not expect them to help you back.  But somewhere down the road it will all make sense.   And remember the people you help might be rude, unkind, hard to help.  So, if people don’t want your help, move on.   Stay in the setting of a nonprofit group surrounding when helping others so you will have guidance and support while helping others.

I don’t say, “Go for Broke “anymore. Now, I say, “Go easy Tiger.” Just call me “Tiger”.