Hawaiʻi Neurotrauma Registry Project

Hawaii Neurotrauma Registry

The Neurotrauma Registry is a voluntary database of Hawaii residents with neurotrauma injury (traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or stroke). The State of Hawaii Department of Health would like more information on the needs of individuals living with a neurotrauma injury. Information obtained by the Neurotrauma Registry will be used to improve the system of services and supports for survivors of neurotrauma and inform lawmakers, providers, and researchers on how to better serve these individuals.

To participate in the survey, please contact the Neurotrauma Program:

(808) 733-2155 (V)
(877) 447-5990 (TTY)
Toll Free:
(833) 333-5133 (V)
(877) 447-5990 (TTY)

View the Neurotrauma Registry Survey – PDF Format