Training Finder Real‐time Affiliate Integrated Network (TRAIN)

Hawaii TRAIN is a learning management system—a learning resource for public health professionals and an affiliate of the Public Health Foundation Training Finder Real‐time Affiliate Integrated Network (TRAIN). TRAIN is available to learners across the public health community including public health practitioners, healthcare professionals, laboratorians, epidemiologists, veterinarians, first responders, educators, and students.

Because all TRAIN sites are connected, learners on TRAIN can access information about state, local, national, and even international training opportunities available to them.

Learners can use TRAIN to:

  • Search or browse the nationwide database for on-site or online training
  • Sign up for emails about new courses
  • Create a personal learning record of competency-based professional training
  • Provide and view feedback about courses

Developed by Public Health Foundation, TRAIN operates through collaborative partnership with state and federal agencies, local and national organizations, and educational institutions. TRAIN is funded by its network affiliates and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.