Hawaii Immunization Registry (HIR)


The Hawaii Department of Health’s solicitation for bids from interested vendors to work on restoring the Hawaii Immunization Registry (HIR) to operational status has been a success. Discussions are currently underway with the winning vendor. Once the details are finalized, the Restoration Project will begin.

Data exchange providers, pharmacists and all medical providers who administer vaccinations are being asked to retain their immunization data for uploading when the data exchange functionality is restored to HIR. Details on how that process will take place will be announced in future communications to the affected providers.

For further updates during the summer, visit https://health.hawaii.gov/docd/about-us/programs/hawaii-immunization-registry-hir/.

Mahalo for your continued support and patience.

The Hawaii Department of Health currently does not have access to records of immunizations administered by healthcare providers in the state. Please contact the physician who administered the immunizations to you/your child as they should have a record of your/your child’s vaccinations.

If you would like to request a copy of a Stop Flu at School (SFAS) program influenza vaccination record, please contact the Hawaii Immunization Branch at 808-586-8300, 1-800-933-4832 (toll-free), or [email protected]. Thank you.

The Hawaii Immunization Registry is a free service of the Hawaii State Department of Health for people living in Hawaii. It is a secure, state-wide database, that stores and tracks patient immunization records and makes them available to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers.

How does the Hawaii Immunization Registry Work?

Doctors and nurses can store information in the registry. The information is used to make sure your immunization records are up to date. At minimum, this information will include:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Mailing address
  • Immunization record
How does the Hawaii Immunization Registry help you and your family?

The registry helps make sure you:

  • Don’t miss any immunizations or get too many
  • Have all of the immunizations needed to:
    – Start day care, school, or college
    – Sign-up for camp or sports programs
    – Travel to other countries
    – Prepare for hospital stays or long-term care
How does the Hawaii Immunization Registry help doctors and nurses?

The registry will help your doctor or nurse:

  • Keep track of immunizations given by your other doctors and nurses
  • Check which immunizations you need at each visit
  • Print out an immunization record for you

In times of emergency or disaster, the Hawaii Immunization Registry can give important immunization information to healthcare workers. For more information about the Hawaii Immunization Registry, talk to your doctor or contact the Department of Health at:

Phone: 586-4665 (Oahu) or 1-888-447-1023 (Neighbor Islands)
Email: [email protected]
Download the brochure: Hawaii Immunization Registry Brochure (PDF)

Meaningful Use: Immunization Information System (IIS) Reporting

To meet requirements, eligible professionals and eligible hospitals and/or critical access hospitals must be in active engagement with an immunization registry or other type of Public Health agency to submit electronic public health data in a meaningful way using Certified Electronic Health Record Technology. Active engagement can be in the form of registration of intent, testing and validation, and ongoing electronic submission of data to the registry.

View the Hawaii Immunization Registry Meaningful Use Requirements.

For more information on Meaningful Use reporting, contact the Hawaii Immunization Registry at the contact information via the methods listed above.

Note: HIR has been unable to accommodate new requests from providers for electronic data exchange submissions since June 1, 2017. Interested providers are being placed on a wait list and will be contacted when processing of data exchange requests resumes.


Last reviewed April 2019