Video/Digital Materials


The Disease Outbreak Control Division (DOCD) has produced a number of video and digital resources that provide information on a variety of topics, including emergency preparedness, disease outbreaks, immunization and vaccinations, and others. If you would like to suggest an idea for a video or other digital resource, please contact us.

Emergency Preparedness

Bow to the Dao of NOW


“Prepare Now, Alice” Music Video

We’re Not Scared, We’re Prepared

Emergency Preparedness – With Zombies

Are you ready? Emergency Food supplies

Are you ready? Food Safety in Emergency

Are you Ready? Make a Kit

Preparing a 14-Day Emergency Supply Kit

Immunization & Vaccination

What is the flu and how do you prevent from getting it?

Disease Prevention & Information

Wash Your Hands – Bollywood Style

Stop Germs and Keep Your Hands Clean

Don’t Infect, Please Protect!

Make Sure to Get Vaccinated!

Fight Illness by Washing Your Hands!

Stop Illness: Stay Home When You’re Sick!

Avoid Infection Through “Social Distancing”

Learn About Isolation & Quarantine

Additional Video Links

Hawaii State Department of Health YouTube Channel