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The Hawaii Department of Health has partnered with Mountain Pacific Quality Health to implement the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention national training collaborative, Project Firstline to our healthcare workers. Every healthcare worker deserves to understand infection control principles and protocols and feel they can confidently apply them to protect themselves, their patients, their family and their community. CDC’s training collaborative, is designed to help every healthcare worker gain that knowledge and confidence.

Project Description

There are 2 parts to the project:

PART 1 (Closed) – the Learning Needs Assessment results are coming soon.

PART 2 – The second part of the project is the training which will commence over a longer period of time, through 2024.  We are developing the training plan and will have more information at a later date.

PART 1: October 16 – December 2022 (Closed)

Learning Needs Assessment

10-minute (online) questionnaire assessing:

  • Training
  • Competency
  • Future training opportunities

PART 2: starting after January 2023

Training and Resources

Project Firstline-Infection Control Training For You

Example Training Module Topics

  • 1. The Concept of Infection Control
  • 2. The Basic Science of Viruses
  • 3. How Respiratory Droplets Spread
  • 4. How Viruses Spread from Surfaces to People
  • 5. How COVID-19 Spreads: A Review
  • 6. Multi-dose Vials
  • 7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Part 1: Eye Protection
  • 8. PPE Part 2: Gloves and Gowns
  • 9. Hand Hygiene

Contact Us

For more information contact Crystal Morse, MPQH at [email protected] or Kelley O’Leary, HDOH at [email protected].