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Disease Reporting Line:
(808) 586-4586


AUW 2-1-1

What if I get sick?

Many infectious diseases in Hawaii are considered reportable conditions. This means that your doctor will automatically report these illnesses to us if they are confirmed by laboratory tests. For a list of reportable conditions, click here.

You may call us directly for a number of reasons as well, such as:

  • To confirm that your illness has been reported to us by your healthcare provider.
  • To obtain information on your illness, or to consult with our epidemiologists further on how you can protect your co-workers and loved ones from illnesses.
  • To report illnesses you contracted from eating contaminated or spoiled foods.

Please browse through our pages to obtain information on any topic you are interested in exploring. If you still feel that you have questions that may best be answered by us, Department of Health investigators are available between 7:45am–4:30pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), and to respond to emergencies during evening, holiday, and weekend hours. Please consult the table below to locate the appropriate contact information to use to get in touch with us.

Contact Information for Reporting to Department of Health

Oahu (Disease Reporting Line): (808) 586-4586

Maui (Disease Reporting Line): (808) 984-8213

Kauai District Health Office: (808) 241-3563

Hawaii (Hilo Disease Reporting Line): (808) 933-0912

Hawaii (Kona Disease Reporting Line): (808) 322-4877

After Hours (Physician’s Exchange): (808) 600-3625 or call Toll Free 1-800-360-2575

Report an Infectious Disease

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Last Reviewed: April 2022