Kid’s Corner

Did you know that 1 in 10 kids in Hawai’i has asthma? That asthma is related to missed work and school days? Asthma is a leading chronic illness among children and adolescents. In Hawaii, adults and children who are Native Hawaiian have the greatest asthma burden. All children with asthma and their caregivers can take control by using an asthma action plan today.

Are you a kid with asthma? Want to learn more about it?

Asthma Fast Fact sheet for kids

Resources for Parents

Graphic of cycle of Asthma treatmentAs a parent of an asthmatic child, take the proper precautions to ensure the health of your child:

  • Become aware of what triggers your child’s asthma and work with a healthcare provider to get his/her symptoms under control.
  • Make an Asthma Action Plan with your child’s pediatrician. Share this plan with family, childcare personnel, schools, and coaches that the child may have.
  • Make sure the school knows your child has asthma and is allowed to either keep medications with the school nurse or nurse’s aide, or if the child can administer medications on their own that the child has the medications with them at all times. In Hawaii, children are allowed to carry asthma medication in school.
  • Learn more about asthma with Asthma Basics, a free one-hour interactive learning module designed to help you learn more about asthma.
  • Download the Asthma Akamai Activity Book.