State Traumatic Brain Injury Board

The mission of the State Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board is to advise the Department of Health in the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan to address the needs of persons affected by disorders and disabilities that involve the brain. Further, the Board shall advise the Department of the feasibility of establishing agreements with private sector agencies to develop services for persons with brain injuries. The Board shall also provide leadership and participation in the development and implementation of the comprehensive plan by encouraging public and private partnerships and private sector responses.

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Member: Elzadia “Elzy” Kaina (State TBI Advisory Board Representative)

Background: Registered Nurse at Rehabilition Center of the Pacific 

Member: Rita Manriquez

Background: R.N., works for the American Red Cross and advocates for the needs of individuals with traumatic brain injuries, in part because she is a TBI survivor herself. 


Member: Robert Sloan, M.D.

Background: M.D., specializing in Orthopedic Medicine and Rehabilitation – Spine Care and Sports Medicine. 

Member: Lee Taylor

Background: Employed by the State of Hawaii, Department of Education 


Member: Mary Wilson-Isley

Background: Mary E. Isley, R.N.,BSN has been involved with BIA-H since the fall of 1997 when she spearheaded the planning and implementation of the Nurse Educator/ Advocate Program. She began with identifying resources for brain injured survivors, families and caregivers within the State of Hawaii and on the mainland United States. Soon she found herself visiting local and mainland acute care and rehabilitation centers specializing in handling brain injury, meeting with specialists, and providing in-service workshops to social workers, case managers, and trauma and rehabilitation nurses.

Ms. Isley provided and continues to provide individualized advocacy for the care and rehabilitation of the brain injured survivor from the acute phase into community reintegration. Ms. Isley has been identified as a major team player in the medical management of a brain injury survivor in her innate ability to care, to listen, to offer support and most importantly, to educate survivors and their families to become their own best advocates. Ms. Isley is Past-President of BIA-HI and is responsible for running the support group for young adults with brain injuries.

Member: Kawena Young


Member: LIta Ota

Background: Children with Special Health Needs Branch in Family Health Services Division, Department of Health.

Member: Albert Burvan