Hawaii Immunization Registry (HIR)

The Hawaii Immunization Registry is a free service of the Hawaii State Department of Health for people living in Hawaii. It is a secure, state-wide database, that stores and tracks patient immunization records and makes them available to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers. Doctors and nurses can store information in the registry. The information is used to make sure your immunization records are up to date. At minimum, this information will include: your name, date of birth, mailing address and immunization record.

The Hawaii Department of Health currently does not have access to records of immunizations administered by healthcare providers in the state. Please contact the physician who administered the immunizations to you/your child as they should have a record of your/your child’s vaccinations.

If you would like to request a copy of a Stop Flu at School (SFAS) program influenza vaccination record, please contact the Hawaii Immunization Branch at 808-586-8300, 1-800-933-4832 (toll-free), or immunization@doh.hawaii.gov. Thank you.

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Last reviewed April 2019