Immunization Exemptions

Hawaii State Law requires students to meet immunization requirements before attending school. Exemptions from the immunization requirements may be allowed for medical or religious reasons, if the appropriate documentation is presented to the school. No other exemptions are allowed by the State.

§11-156-6 Exclusion from school and group settings. a) When any student has a communicable disease for which isolation or restriction from school attendance is required, it shall be the responsibility of the principal or director in charge of the school to prohibit the student from attending school until the expiration of the prescribed period of isolation. If the attending practitioner, school practitioner, or public health official finds upon examination that the student is free of the disease in the communicable state, the practitioner or official may issue a signed certificate, upon which the student shall be readmitted by the school authority. Students who have been exempted from immunization or who have not completed the required immunizations shall be immunized or excluded from school during a potential outbreak as determined by the department.

All schools in Hawaii are required to report students who have not complied with the immunization requirements upon school entry and students who have medical or religious exemptions. A final report is due to the Department of Health by January 10th of each school year.

The tables accessed using the links below provide self-reported medical and religious exemption data submitted by each school for students in kindergarten through grade 12.  Self-reported data are not validated by the Department of Health.  Schools that have not submitted the final report are noted as “N/R.”

Immunization Exemptions Reports by School Year

Each year, the Department of Health selects a random sample of 40 public, private, and charter schools with kindergartens to assess coverage and exemptions rates, using a sampling approach approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  A validation assessment is performed using data collected by Department of Health staff from a random sample at each of the 40 selected schools. The data is submitted to CDC annually to calculate state-level coverage and exemption rates. Schools selected for this purpose are identified in the tables.

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