The Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

The Hawaii Comprehensive Cancer Control Program (HCCCP) has been funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since 2001 under the National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program.  Comprehensive cancer control is a process through which communities and partner organizations pool resources to reduce the burden of cancer.  These coalitions collect data to determine the greatest cancer-related needs in their area and develop and carry out cancer plans to meet those needs.

HCCCP uses an integrated and coordinated approach to reduce cancer incidence, morbidity, and mortality through prevention, early detection, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliation. The mission of HCCCP is to bring people together to coordinate cancer prevention, early detection, equitable access to care, and ongoing research efforts to improve the quality of life for residents of Hawaii.


HCCCP convenes the Hawaii Comprehensive Cancer Coalition (HCCC), a group of diverse, focused, and compassionate individuals, community partnerships, and organizations that are dedicated to saving the lives and improving the quality of life.  This includes government, healthcare, physicians, community organizations, businesses, non-profit community-based organizations, private organizations, advocates and cancer survivors, who work towards a collective vision of “No More Cancer.”  HCCC has been involved in activities such as mobilizing efforts that support policy and environmental changes, increasing cancer survivorship resources, and widening access to patient navigation services in the cancer care system.  HCCC’s approach is to address a multitude of known and unknown factors that can critically affect the growth, development and severity of the disease.  Strategies are focused on:

  • Preventing future cancers by reducing exposure to known risk factors.
  • Increasing early detection to decrease late stage cancer.
  • Providing all Hawaii residents, including the most vulnerable and the medically underinsured populations, access to state-of-the art cancer prevention, screening, and treatment.
  • Improving the quality of life for survivors and loved-one battling the effects of cancer.
  • Reducing existing health disparities.

HCCC has formed action teams to that engage in activities related to the strategies in the Hawaii State Cancer Plan.  Current action teams include the Prevention Action Team (Vaccine-Preventable Workgroup), the Data/Surveillance Promoting Health Equity Action Team, the Early Detection Action Team, the Equitable Access to Care Action Team, and the Quality of Life Action Team.


In 2003, HCCC developed a statewide cancer plan to reduce Hawaii’s cancer burden.  The Hawaii State Cancer Plan, which was updated in 2010 and again in 2016, is a road map for the coalition to identify gaps in cancer care, share best practices and address its top four priorities: prevention, early detection, equitable access to care and quality of life.


The Hawaii Comprehensive Cancer Coalition invites you to join us in our ongoing efforts to further reduce the impact of cancer in Hawaii.  Fill out the Hawaii Comprehensive Cancer Coalition Participation Interest Form  and e-mail it to [email protected].  You will be contacted within 7 days.