Health Resources Administration

Deputy Director for Health Resources: Debbie Kim Morikawa

Phone: (808) 586-4433

The Health Resources Administration oversees the following divisions and programs:

Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Division (CDPHPD)
Phone: (808) 586-4488
The Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Division, also known as the Tobacco Settlement Project strives to promote wellness and improve the quality and years of life for Hawaii’s people through effective prevention, detection and management of chronic diseases.

Communicable Disease & Public Health Nursing Division (CDPHND)
Phone: (808) 586-4580
The Communicable Disease & Public Health Nursing Division monitors the number of cases of tuberculosis and Hansen’s disease, and other transmittable diseases.

Harm Reduction Services Branch (808) 733-9010
Tuberculosis Control Branch (808) 832-5731
Hansen’s Disease Branch (808) 733-9831
Public Health Nursing Branch (808)-832-3773







Disease Outbreak Control Division (DOCD)
Phone: (808) 587-6845
The Disease Outbreak Control Division (DOCD) comprises the Disease Investigation Branch and Immunization Branch. These programs work together to monitor, investigate, prevent, and control infectious diseases in Hawaii, especially those preventable through immunizations, and to ensure Hawaii’s ability to respond to emergencies that threaten the public’s health. Toward these goals, DOCD works to strengthen the relationships between the Department of Health and other partners including laboratories, hospitals, schools, emergency response agencies, private organizations, and the military.

Disease Investigation Branch (808) 586-8362
Immunization Branch (808) 586-8300





Emergency Medical Services & Injury Prevention System Branch (EMSIPSB)
Phone: (808) 733-9210
The Emergency Medical Services & Injury Prevention System Branch aims to minimize death, injury, and disability due to life threatening situations by assuring the availability of high quality emergency medical care through the development of a system capable of providing coordinated emergency medical and health services.

Injury Prevention & Control Program   (808) 733-9320

Family Health Services Division (FHSD)

Phone: (808) 586-4122
The Family Health Services Division aims to assure that all families, women, men, pregnant women, parents, infants, children, children with special health needs, and adolescents receive quality prevention and intervention services based on their individual needs.

Children with Special Health Needs Branch (808) 733-9070
     Genetics Program (808) 733-9055
     Newborn Screening Program (808) 733-9069
     Early Intervention (0-3) Section (808) 594-0000
Maternal and Child Health Branch (808) 733-9022
     Women’s Health Section (808) 733-9050
     Children and Youth Wellness Section (808) 733-9044
     Family and Community Support Section (808) 733-9033
     Healthy Start Program (808) 733-4184
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children                     
WIC Services Branch
(808) 586-8175

Office of Health Care Assurance (OHCA)
Phone: (808) 692-7227
The Office of Health Care Assurance manages the state licensing and federal certification of medical and health care facilities, agencies, and services provided throughout the state in order to ensure compliance with established standards of care.