Behavioral Health Services Administration

Deputy Director: Marian Tsuji
Phone: (808) 586-4416

The Behavioral Health Services Administration oversees the following divisions:

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD)
Phone: (808) 692-7506
ADAD aims to reduce the severity and disability effects related to alcohol and other drug use by assuring access to an integrated, high quality, public/private community-based system of prevention strategies and treatment services designed to empower individuals and communities to make health-enhancing choices regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD)
Phone: (808) 586-4686
The Adult Mental Health Division seeks to improve the mental health of Hawai’i’s people by reducing the prevalence of emotional disorders, and mental illness. Services include mental health education, treatment and rehabilitation through community-based mental health centers, and an in-patient state hospital facility for the mentally-ill, including those referred through courts and the criminal justice system.

Hawaii State Hospital – (808) 247-2191

AMHD Community Mental Health Centers

Oahu (808) 832-5770
Hawaii (808) 974-4300
Maui (808) 984-2150
Kauai (808) 274-3190

Courts and Corrections – (808) 832-1852

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD)
Phone: (808) 733-9333
CAMHD aims to improve the emotional well-being of children and adolescents, and to preserve and strengthen their families by assuring early access to a child and adolescent-centered, family-focused community-based coordinated system of care that addresses the child’s and adolescent’s physical, social, emotional, and other developmental needs within the least restrictive environment.

CAMHD Family Guidance Centers

Central Oahu Family Guidance Center – Kaneohe Office

Central Oahu Family Guidance Center – Pearl City Office

(808) 233-3770

(808) 453-5900

Honolulu Family Guidance Center (808) 733-9393
Leeward Oahu Family Guidance Center (808) 692-7700
East Hawaii Family Guidance Center – Hilo Office (808) 933-0610
West Hawaii Family Guidance Center – Kona Office

West Hawaii Family Guidance Center – Waimea Office

(808) 887-8100
Kauai Family Guidance Center (808) 274-3883
Maui Family Guidance Center – Molokai Office

Maui Family Guidance Center – Wailuku Office

(808) 553-7878

(808) 243-1252

Developmental Disabilities Division (DDD)
Phone: (808) 586-5840
DDD’s mission is to foster partnerships and provide quality person-centered and family focused services and supports that promote self-determination.

Case Management Branch (808) 733-9172
Community Resource Branch (808) 733-2135
Hospital & Community Dental Services Branch (808) 832-5710
Outcomes & Compliance Branch (808) 453-6301