Video/Digital Materials

The Office of Public Health Preparedness (OPHP) has produced a number of video and digital resources that provide information on a variety of topics, including emergency preparedness, disease outbreaks, immunization and vaccinations, and others.

For additional videos visit the Prepare NOW Hawaii or Hawaii State Department of Health channels.

Emergency Preparedness

Help Your Community Through “Bayanihan”

“Anime Momotaro” sings PREPARE NOW

“Prepare Now, Alice” Music Video

We’re Not Scared, We’re Prepared

Emergency Preparedness – With Zombies

Are you ready? Emergency Food supplies

Are you ready? Food Safety in Emergency

Are you Ready? Make a Kit

Preparing a 14-Day Emergency Supply Kit

Disease Prevention & Information

Wash Your Hands – Bollywood Style

Stop Germs and Keep Your Hands Clean

Make Sure to Get Vaccinated!

Fight Illness by Washing Your Hands!

Stop Illness: Stay Home When You’re Sick!

Avoid Infection Through “Social Distancing”

Learn About Isolation & Quarantine