Department Operations Center (DOC)

A DOC is an operations or coordination center dedicated to a single, specific department or agency. A DOC focuses on internal agency incident management and response. DOCs are often linked to a combined agency Emergency Operations Center (EOC), with an authorized agent (or agents) representing the department or agency. From: FEMA EOC Quick-Reference-Guide Virtual Considerations

The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) Department Operations Center (DOC) is the centralized location for the coordination of public health and medical services during response and recovery phases of public health emergencies and disasters.

The DOC also supports the operations of County EOC and the State EOC via liaisons and representatives of Emergency Support Functions eight and ten, or ESF-8 & ESF-10.

DOC Role:

    • Identify incident priorities with consideration for life, property, and environment 
    • Support incident management and field operations 
    • Collect and process all information to facilitate informed decision-making 
    • Collect requests for information and/or assistance
    • Support and coordinate with County and State EOC 
    • Develop and maintain response strategies 

DOC Staff Training: 

The DOC develops training for DOH staff assigned to the DOC during an emergency response. Training can be accessed via Hawaii TRAIN: HI-DOC Training December 2022.                  Before taking the DOC training course, DOH staff should first complete HI-DOH Emergency Preparedness & Response Intro,  HI-FEMA IS-100.C, and HI-FEMA IS-700.B courses.


Last updated: February 2023