Stay Informed

During a disaster it is crucial that you listen to radio or television broadcasts, stay indoors, and remain safe. Important information about the situation, including evacuation instructions (if necessary), will be sent out from official sources and their broadcast partners on the radio, television, and Internet. This information will let you know, for example, if you need to shelter in place—at home, school, or work—or, if necessary, go to an approved shelter (for more details on sheltering in place or at home or school, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Staying informed requires planning. Before disaster ever strikes, make sure you have a solar-powered and/or hand-crank radio (that can pick up emergency channels) as part of your family emergency kit. [link to PDF at:] During a disaster or other emergency, listen for instructions about where to go and what to do. Don’t venture out unless instructed and do not clog phone lines unnecessarily.

Information resources around the Islands. You can get the latest information on disasters at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA)  website. Residents of the Big Island are advised to keep up with the most recent information and latest updates via the Hawaii County Civil Defense alerts page. Residents of Oahu can get emergency information on various radio stations.

You can also stay informed by signing up for local emergency notification systems at the following webpages:

Signing up for emergency alerts with mobile apps such as the National Weather Service can also provide up-to-date information.

State and County Resources

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Hawaii, Are YOU Ready? Stay Informed.

Last reviewed July 2022