For Providers

Is OnTrack Hawaiʻi right for my client?

The program is designed for CAMHD-enrolled adolescents and young adults between the ages of 15-24 who have recently begun experiencing psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, unusual thoughts or beliefs, or disorganized thinking for more than a week but less than 2 years.

What services does OnTrack Hawaiʻi offer?

OnTrack Hawaiʻi utilizes a “Shared Decision Making” model and involves:

  • Comprehensive treatment using evidenced based practices delivered by an integrated clinical team specializing in early psychosis
  • Psychiatric treatment, CBT-informed individual psychotherapy, family education and support

How can I make a referral to OnTrack Hawaiʻi?

Contact us at (808) 973-1002 for more information.


Last reviewed on September 28, 2020