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Redemption Center Operators
Contact information for recycling companies operating certified redemption centers.

Redemption Center Locations

**Hours of operations are subject to change due to COVID-19 and/or weather conditions.  Please contact the Redemption Center Operator for their current hours.**

Oahu Redemption Centers (176K)

Big Island Redemption Centers (199K)

Maui Redemption Centers (192K)

Kauai Redemption Centers (225K)

NOTICE: Some redemption centers may be closed on holidays. Contact the recycler operating the redemption center for more information.

Redemption Center Operator Information and Forms

Announcement: Segregated Rate Update
Announcement: 2010 Segregated Rate

FAQ – Recyclers
Answers to frequently asked questions by recyclers

Current Segregated Rates (42 x 28 Poster)
Display poster for redemption centers with segregated rates eff. December 1, 2010

Current Segregated Rates (Handbill)
Letter size handbill with segregated rates eff. December 1, 2010

Certified Redemption Center Application
Certified Redemption Center Application (Interactive Format)
Submit an application if you would like to operate a certified redemption center. Certification may also require a Solid Waste permit

Deposit Refund Request Form (DR-1)
Report form for certified redemption centers to request refunds for deposits paid out

Handling Fee Request Form (HR-1)
Report form for certified redemption centers to request container handling fee payments

Instructions for DR-1 Form

DR-1 Example Form

Instructions for HR-1 Form

HR-1 Example Form

        Handling Fee Study (Final Report)
        A study on the costs of recycling for Hawaii Certified Redemption Centers

Handling Fee Summary

        Handling Fee Update Study (Final Report)
        An update to the Handling Fee Study

Handling Fee Update Summary

2007 Segregated Rate Final Report
A report on the statistical analysis and results of a segregated rate study conducted in 2007

2007 Segregated Rate Study Presentation

How To Report Plastics
Guidance on how to report plastic containers on the DR-1 and HR-1 Forms

Weighing & Weight Conversion Procedures
Information and procedures for weighing deposit beverage containers for refund

        Caps Off  Sign
        Caps should be off containers when redeeming by weight