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Consumers are charged a 5¢ refundable deposit, plus a non-refundable container fee on each labeled beverage container. Consumers are refunded their 5¢ deposit when they return the labeled container to a redemption center and the container fee is used by the program to pay recyclers to process and recycle deposit beverage containers.

Effective September 1, 2015 until further notice, the non-refundable container fee will be 1¢ per container.

Weight to Refund Rates
Information about the HI-5 Program for consumers.

Weight vs. Count Facts
Information to help consumers decide which method they prefer when redeeming their deposit beverage containers.

How the Money Flows
Diagram showing how money flows through the HI-5 Program Special Fund.

Recycle Bin Sign
Print out this sign to attach to containers that you want to use as recycle bins.