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Retailers located in high density areas on the island of Oahu are required to provide redemption of the deposit for consumers – unless an independent redemption center is established within a 2-mile radius of the retailer’s location.  Neighbor islands and small convenience stores are exempted from the redemption requirement, but may elect to do so voluntarily as a customer service.

For more information about this requirement, please review the guidelines described in:

Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 342-G, Part VIII

Hawaii Administrative Rules, section 11-282-31

Letter to Retailers and Determination Form
Retailers must determine if they are required by law to provide redemption services. Retailers should review the Determination Form (writable) and if necessary complete and submit it to the Department of Health.

If you are a retailer who is distributing or directly importing deposit beverages, then you should review the HI-5 Program applications and report forms available here.

FAQ – Grocers & Retailers
Answers to frequently asked questions by grocers and retailers.

FAQ – Hotels, Bars, & Restaurants
Answers to frequently asked questions by bars, restaurants, and hotels.

FAQ – Beverages Included In HI-5 Program
Answers to frequently asked questions about what types of beverages are included in the HI-5 program.

Guidelines for Dealer Signage
All beverage dealers are required to post signage informing consumers about where the nearest redemption center is located.

Dealer Sign
A template of a sign that meets beverage dealer signage requirements.

FAQ – Label Requirements
Answers to frequently asked questions about what is required on the label of a deposit beverage container.