Types of Hearing Loss
This page describes the different forms of hearing loss (conductive, sensorineural, mixed, auditory neuropathy, unilateral, and bilateral) as well as the different degrees of hearing loss (mild, moderate, severe, and profound).

Measuring Hearing Loss
This page describes the tests used for hearing screening (OAE and AABR) and for diagnostic audiology evaluation (tympanometry, comprehensive OAE, ABR, and behavioral assessment). It also describes what types of hearing loss each test can detect.

Risk Indicators for Hearing Loss
This page describes the indicators that the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing suggests put an infant at risk for progressive or delayed-onset sensorineural and/or conductive hearing loss. Children with risk indicators should be referred for an audiology assessment at least once by 24-30 months of age. This page also describes ongoing surveillance for hearing loss.

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