Genetic Education

Educational materials for students.

Educational materials for teachers.

Welcome, educators! One of the main goals of the Hawaii Genetics Program is to increase awareness and education in genetics. Genetics is an amazingly interesting area of science, and we want to help teachers share the excitement with your students.  We have developed a “Teachers’ Genetics Resource Kit” for high school teachers. This kit includes basic genetics concepts, lesson plans that are tied to Hawaii Department of Education learning standards, discussion topics, DVDs, posters, CD-ROMs, worksheets, activities, assessment tools, online resources….and more!  The kit is meant to be interactive, and we welcome feedback and suggestions of useful resources and lesson ideas.  Genetic Counselors with the Hawai`i Genetics Program are also available to demonstrate the kit to groups of three or more teachers at a time.  Just contact us and we can visit your school with complimentary kits and resources!

Teacher Resource Kit

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