§11-72-63 Revocation or Suspension of Prehospital Registered Nurse Certificate

A.   The director may, subject to Chapter 91, Hawaii Revised Statutes, suspend or revoke a prehospital registered nurse certificate 
       provided by the department for:

1.   Failure of the certificate holder to comply and to maintain compliance with, or for his violation of the provisions of this
      section or any other applicable law, ordinances, or regulation.
2.   Being habituated to the excessive use of drugs or alcohol; or being addicted to, dependent on, or a habitual user of a
       narcotic, barbiturate, amphetamine, hallucinogen, or other drug having similar effects.
3.   Providing services while the ability to practice is impaired by alcohol, drugs, physical disability, or mental instability.
4.   Professional misconduct or gross carelessness or manifest incapacity in the provison of services.
5.   Conduct or practice contrary to recognized standards of ethics of the occupation.
6.   Violation of the conditions or limitations upon which a certificate is issued.
7.   Fraudulent obtaining of certificate.

B.   If any such certificate is revoked, limited, or suspended by the director of the department subject to Chapter 91, Hawaii Revised
       Statutes, for any act or condition listed in this section, the holder of the certificate shall be notified in writing by the department
       of the revocation or suspension. Any certificate which has been revoked under this section may be restored by the director of
       the department, subject to Chapter 91 Hawaii Revised Statutes.

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