Chapter 72 – State Comprehensive EMS System’s Rules and Regulations

Subchapter 1 – General Provisions

§11-72-1 Purpose
§11-72-2 Definitions
§11-72-2 Definitions (amended)
§11-72-3 Severability
§11-72-4 Waivers
§11-72-5 Penalties
§11-72-6-7 (Reserved)

Subchapter 2 – System Development Criteria, Administration and Components

§11-72-8 Development Criteria and Plans
§11-72-9 System Components
§11-72-10 EMS District Medical Directors
§11-72-11-14 (Reserved)

Subchapter 3 – System Component Standards

§11-72-15 Personnel and Training
§11-72-16 Communications
§11-72-17 Emergency Medical Ambulance Services
§11-72-18 Coordination of Available Public Safety Agencies
§11-72-19 Consumer Education and Participation in Policy Making
§11-72-20 Categorization of Emergency Facilities
§11-72-21 Coordination with Specialized Care Services
§11-72-22 Prehospital Standard Medical Recordkeeping
§11-72-23 Quality Assessment and Assurance
§11-72-24-27 (Reserved)

Subchapter4 – Ambulance Services

§11-72-28 Locations and Minimum Levels
§11-72-29 Staffing
§11-72-30 Licensing and Certification
§11-72-31 Fees
§11-72-31.5 Fees for treat/no transport, transport to an alternative destination, and community paramedic visits
§11-72-32 Determination of Ability to Pay
§11-72-33-36 (Reserved)

Subchapter 5 – Contracts for Services

§11-72-37 Ambulance Services
§11-72-38 Other System Components
§11-72-39-42 (Reserved)

Subchapter 6 – Ambulance Services

§11-72-43 License Required to Operate Ambulance Services
§11-72-44 Applications for Ambulance Services Licenses
§11-72-45 Application Fee Standards of Licensed Ambulance Services, Ambulances
§11-72-46 Standards for Ambulance Service Licenses, Liability Insurance
§11-72-47 Licensing Duties of Director, Licensing Fee
§11-72-48 Renewal of Ambulance Service License, Fee
§11-72-49 Revocation of Ambulance Service License
§11-72-50-54 (Reserved)

Subchapter 7 – Ambulance Equipment and Supplies

§11-72-55 Standards for Ambulance Equipment and Supplies
§11-72-56-59 (Reserved)

Subchapter 8 – Ambulance Personnel

§11-72-60 Applications for Prehospital Registered Nurses, Application Fees
§11-72-61 Standards for Prehospital Registered Nurse Certification, Initial Certificate Fees
§11-72-62 Renewal of Prehospital Registered Nurse Certificates, Fees
§11-72-63 Revocation or Suspension of Prehospital Registered Nurse Certificate
§11-72-64-68 (Reserved)

Subchapter 9 – Designation of Alternative Destinations

§11-72-70 through
Designation of Alternative Destinations

Historical Note: Chapter 72 of Title 11, Administrative Rules, incorporates Public Health Regulations Chapter 48, Ambulances,
Ambulance Equipment, Ambulance Services, and Ambulance Personnel, Department of Health, State of Hawaii. [Eff. AUG 12 1985]

Notice: The above is an excerpt from State of Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 11, Department of Health and is presented for
general informational purposes only. Content is as that which may be found in the original, however, formatting of the text is not
identical. Copies of the official text of the Hawaii Administrative Rules are available at the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, law
libraries throughout the State of Hawaii, and select law libraries throughout the world. Some of the branches of the Hawaii State
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