§11-72-62 Renewal of Prehospital Registered Nurse Certificates; Fees

A.   Renewal of any prehospital registered nurse certificate by the state department of health, except for reasons of suspension, 
       revocation, or expiration of more than sixty days, shall require presentation of the following, 60 days prior to the expiration 
       of the certificate:

1.   A current valid State of Hawaii registered nurse license and prehospital registered nurse refresher training, as approved
      by the director.

B.   The annual renewal fee for a certificate that has not expired or been suspended or revoked shall be $2.00.

C.   Renewal of certificates expired for one to sixty days shall require completion of a renewal application and a late renewal fee
       totaling $5.00.

D.   Renewal of certificates which have been suspended, revoked or expired for more than sixty days shall require conformance with
        all the requirements of these regulations as upon original certification, with the entire renewal fee being $10.00.

       [Eff. AUG 12 1985] (Auth: HRS §§321-223, 321-224, 321-226, 321-227, 321-228, 321-233)
       (Imp: HRS §§321-223, 321-224, 321-226, 321-227, 321-233)