§11-72-61 Standards for Prehospital Registered Nurse Certification; Initial Certificate Fees

A.   Within thirty days after a completed written application form is filed with the department, an investigation will he made of the
       applicant for certification.

B.   A certificate will be issued or the application denied not later than sixty days of receipt of an application unless earlier
       suspended, revoked, or terminated.

C.   A certificate shall be issued after finding that the applicant:

1.   Is not addicted to intoxicating liquors or any drugs;
2.   Is able to speak, read, and write the English language;
3.   Has been found by a licensed physician upon examination attested to on a physical examination form approved by the
       director to be suitable for the work;
4.   Has duly completed all other requirements.

D.   A certificate for a prehospital registered nurse shall not be assignable or transferable.

E.   BLS or ALS personnel may serve as the driver of a ground motor ambulance when necessary, provided they possess the
       proper State of Hawaii driver’s license and meet all other applicable DOT requirements.

F.   No official entry made upon a certificate may be defaced, removed, or obliterated.

G.   The director may suspend or revoke a driver or prehospital registered nurse certificate for failure of the certificate holder to
       comply, and to maintain compliance with, or for violation of, the provisions of this section or any other applicable law, 
       ordinance, or regulation, in accordance with the provisions of the Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 91.

H.   The initial certificate fees shall be: Prehospital RN ………………… $2.00

       [Eff. AUG 12 1985 ] (Auth: HRS §§321-223, 321-224, 321-226, 321-227, 321- 233)
       (Imp: HRS §§321-223, 321-224, 321-226, 321-227, 321-233)