11-72-46 Standards for Ambulance Services; Liability Insurance

A.   No ambulance shall be operated in the State of Hawaii unless there is at all times in force and in effect insurance coverage,
       issued by an insurance company licensed to do business in the State of Hawaii, for each and every ambulance owned or
       operated by or for the applicant licensee providing for the payment of benefits and including, but not limited to, the following:

1.   No-fault insurance policy (motor vehicle):

a.   No-fault benefits, as defined in Chapter 294-2, Hawaii Revised Statutes with respect to any accidental harm arising
      out of a motor vehicle accident.
b.   Liability coverage for all damages arising out of bodily injury to or death of any one person as a result of any one
       motor  vehicle accident.
c.   Liability coverage for all damages arising out of injury to or destruction of property, including motor vehicles and
      including the loss of use thereof, as a result of any one motor vehicle accident.

2.   Professional or Occupational Liability or Bodily Injury Insurance ( other than motor vehicle) in an amount of not less
       than that specified by the director.

B.   The insurance policies required by this section shall be submitted to the director for approval prior to the issuance of the
       ambulance service license.

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