§11-72-47 Licensing Duties of Director; Licensing Fee

A.   Within thirty days after receipt of an application for an ambulance service license, an investigation will be made of the applicant
       and the proposed operations;

B.   Prior to issuance or denial of an ambulance service license, an inspection will be made of the ambulances, equipment and
       supplies, and premises designated in the application;

C.   A non-transferable license or denial of the application will be issued not later than sixty days of receipt of an application; each 
       license issued to an ambulance service shall specify the ambulances authorized to be operated under the license and shall be 
       valid for a period of one year unless earlier amended, suspended, revoked, or terminated;

D.   The ambulance service license not shall be transferable nor assignable;

E.   A license will be issued upon receipt of an initial licensing fee of $ 25 after finding that:

1.   When required under Chapter 323D, Hawaii Revised Statutes, finding that a certificate of need has been issued.
2.   Each such ambulance and its required equipment and the premises designated in the application meet the standards of 
      these regulations;
3.   Only state certified drivers, basic life support personnel, advanced life support personnel, and prehospital registered nurses
      are employed in such capacities; and
4.   All the requirements of these regulations and all other applicable laws and ordinances have been met.

F.   Subsequent to issuance of an ambulance service license, an inspection shall be made of each ambulance authorized under the
       license and of equipment and premises at least annually and immediately following any disabling vehicular collision and
       subsequent repair in which an ambulance is involved.

G.   Within sixty days a copy of each initial, periodic, or other investigation and inspection report will be transmitted to the 
       applicant or ambulance service to whom it refers.

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       (Imp: HRS §§321-223, 211-224, 321-226, 321-227)