§11-72-45 Standards of Licensed Ambulance Services; Ambulances

A.   Each licensed ambulance service ambulance shall, at all times when in, use as such:

1.   Be suitable for the transportation of patients with respect to health, sanitation, and safety;
2.   In the case of ground motor ambulance, conform to the document entitled Motor Vehicle Ambulance Design and
       Performance Standards, dated July 15, 1985 and available from the department. In the case of aircraft, conform to the
       document entitled Essential Equipment and Requirements for Air Ambulance Services, dated July 15, 1985 and
       available from the department;
3.   Have a state-licensed physician medical director and be staffed by primary crew members;
4.   Contain equipment conforming with the standards, requirements, and regulations prescribed in Section 11-71-55;
5.   Conform with all applicable laws relating to health, sanitation, and safety;
6.   Be maintained in suitable premises with facilities for washing and disinfecting equipment; handling linen and supplies;
      storing supplies in a clean, dry location; storing personal effects and maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of premises,
      and disposing of wastes in an acceptable manner.

B.   An ambulance service shall notify the director of any change of ownership of an ambulance within ten working days after the
       sale or other transfer of ownership.

C.   Any additional or replacement ambulance acquired by an ambulance service shall conform with all the requirements applicable
       upon original licensing.

D.   Each ambulance service, ambulance, equipment, and the premises designated in the application, and the following records
       relating to maintenance and operation shall be open to inspection by the director or his designee during usual hours of

1.   Personnel records of each ambulance service employee, including evidence of certification required in Hawaii Revised
      Statutes Sections 453- 31 to 453-32, and Administrative Rules 16-85-53 to 16-85-56;
2.   Vehicle records for each .ambulance, including preventative and corrective maintenance records, vehicle registration
       records, and records of department of transportation vehicle safety inspections;
3.   Records of ambulance service activity; trip records, patient care reports as specified in Section 11-72-22;
4.   Written policies and procedures, including a copy of these regulations, which provide to its employees guidelines for
      operating and maintaining the service and ambulances.

E.   No official entry made upon a license may be defaced, removed, or obliterated.

F.   No person, either as owner, agent or otherwise, shall advertise or profess to be engaged in ambulance service in the state 
       unless that person possesses a valid ambulance license, and all information contained in such advertisements, signs or
       other publicity is accurate and does not mislead or result in misrepresentation to the public.

       [Eff. AUG 12 1985 ] (Auth: HRS §§321-223, 321-224, 321-226, 321-227, 321-228, 321-233)
       (Imp: HRS §§ 321-223, 321-224, 321-226, 321-227, 321-228, 321-233)