§11-72-43 License Required to Operate Ambulance Services

A.   No person, either as owner, agent, or otherwise shall furnish, operate, conduct, maintain, advertise, or otherwise be engaged in
       or profess to be engaged in ambulance service in the state without holding a valid ambulance service license issued pursuant
       to these regulations.

B.   No ambulance shall be operated for ambulance services and no individual shall drive, ride in, or permit it to be operated for
       such purposes in the state unless it is operated under a valid ambulance service license and staffed at least by 2 primary crew

C.   This section does not apply to:

1.   The operation of a fire department rescue vehicle with minimum staffing required when it is used during a period of 
      non-availability of an ambulance.
2.   The operation of any vehicle, when, during a period of non-availability of an ambulance or when, under conditions
      making a patient inaccessible to an ambulance, the vehicle is used for the extrication or transportation of a patient.
3.   Assistance rendered to a licensed ambulance service or certified BLS or ALS personnel in the case of:

a.   A major catastrophe or disaster beyond the capabilities of the available licensed ambulance services; or
b.   An emergency declared by the director to ensure that patient transportation services are not interrupted or seriously
      deficient. (4) Ambulance service insufficiency in areas in regard to sufficient emergency ambulance calls to support
      full staffing of conforming ambulances and equipment as determined by the director. Exceptions under this paragraph
      may be granted by the director after full consideration of written and oral submissions respecting the proposed 

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