§11-72-19 Consumer Education and Participation in Policy Making

An emergency medical services system shall provide programs of consumer information and education, taking into account the needs of visitors as well as residents of the area, to inform the public of the means of obtaining emergency medical services.

  1. These programs shall stress the general dissemination of information regarding appropriate methods of medical self-help and first aid as well as the availability of first-aid training programs in the area; and
  2. There shall be a program of consumer information and education relating to CPR programs in order to encourage at least twenty percent of the residents of each county to be certified in CPR. (b) Any person in each county shall be able to participate and provide input to the making of policy through membership on or through communications with the state emergency medical services advisory committee.

  [Eff. AUG 12 1985] (Auth: HRS §§321-224, 321-226, 321-233) (Imp: HRS §§321-224, 321-226)