§11-72-16 Communications

A.   There shall be a communications system that includes a medical radio communications system for emergency medical services,
       including disaster response, established consistent with the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.

B.   The personnel, facilities, and equipment of the emergency medical services system in each county shall be linked by a county
       central communications system so that requests for emergency medical services shall be handled by a communications facility

    1. Utilizes or will utilize by June 30, 1985, the universal emergency telephone number “911” or another appropriate single-access number; and
    2. Will have direct two-way radio communications with the personnel, facilities, and equipment of the county emergency medical services system and with the state comprehensive emergency medical services system.

C.   Each county communications system shall include a central emergency medical services dispatch center responsible for
       receiving and coordinating all requests for emergency medical services and for providing liaison with other public safety
       and emergency response systems in order to provide the most effective and efficient management of the immediate problem.

       [Eff. AUG 12 1985] (Auth: HRS §321-233) (Imp: HRS §§321-224, 321- 226)