Environmental Planning Office

The Environmental Planning Office (EPO) assists the Deputy Director of Environmental Health with the coordination of cross-program directives.  First, EPO assists with environmental health strategic planning development.  Second, EPO reviews, responds and disseminates land use planning documents. Third, EPO facilitates the gathering, reporting and summarizing of environmental indicators.  Also, the EPO tracks environmental legislation, assists with public affairs, and provides Geographic Information System (GIS) support to the various environmental health branches.

EPO consists of the Office Manager, Environmental Geographic Information System (e-GIS) Specialist, Public Participation Coordinator, and support staff.

EPO Programs and Activities

Strategic Planning and Coordination   

EPO assists with the development of the Environmental Health Administration (EHA) strategic plan, and its communication, coordination, and implementation.  EPO’s purview also includes internal planning documents that shape the strategic plan, including EPA grant work plans.

Land Use Planning and Review

EPO reviews, responds to, coordinates and communicates departmental evaluations of proposed developments and projects in Hawaii.  Its focus is on larger projects which could significantly impact environmental health in the state.  Downloadable standard comments are available to assist applicants with the preparation of environmental impact statements and assessments.

Title Page - DRAFT 2013 Highlights - EHM Report Environmental Health Management Report

Consistent with the State Strategic Plan and the DOH Strategic Plan, the EPO compiles the ‘Environmental Health Management (EHM) Report’ annually.  This comprehensive, interdisciplinary report covers a wide array of environmental goals, objectives, strategies and monitoring metrics. The EHM Report also describes the structure and duties of DOH Environmental Health Administration and its constituent branches and offices.

Environmental Indicators

EPO gathers data from the various DOH Environmental Health branches and offices.  Our environmental indicators summarize DOH’s environmental monitoring and sampling efforts, as consistent with federal standards.


Legislative Affairs

EPO coordinates with all branches and offices under the DOH Environmental Health Administration (EHA) on relevant legislation reviewed.  Pertinent measures are analyzed and delegated according to subject matter and jurisdictions, according to existing state laws and statutes.


Chart 2Climate Change

Climate change is having broad-reaching effects state-wide, nation-wide, and throughout the world. Various DOH Programs are taking climate change into account as they move forward with their work.  The EPO Office Manager participates in the intergovernmental committee on adaptation to climate change (ICAC) lead by Office of Planning (OP) and the Department of Land and National Resources (DLNR) — Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands (OCCL).  Furthermore, the EPO Office Manager maintains membership on a health climate change task force that is lead by the Hawaii Public Health Association (HPHA).

Public Affairs

EPO helps disseminate information about DOH-EHA programs and recommendations for the public.


Environmental Justice Kau Cleanup

EPO assists DOH in promoting health equity and environmental justice (EJ).  As resources allow, EPO facilitates EJ projects.



generalized_marine_debris_mapi_August2013._forWebEnvironmental Geographic Information System

The e-GIS is a computer-based, environmental Geographic Information System used in planning, data analysis, and the creation of maps.  This program provides services to DOH-EHA and the EPA.  Some e-GIS data is incorporated into the State Environmental Health Warehouse (EHW).



Environmental Planning Office
919 Ala Moana Blvd., Room 312
Honolulu, HI 96814
phone (808) 586-4337

Last update: 07/27/2015