Technical Guidance Manual for UST Closure & Release Response

Effective August 9, 2013 – The Tier 1 Action Levels in the UST TGM 2nd ed. 2000 are superceded by the DOH HEER EALs and DOH HEER TGM. 

DOH UST section currently accepts discrete soil sampling and does not currently require Multi-Increment Sampling – but it is optional.  Please refer to Table 9-5 of the DOH HEER TGM for the currently required analyses by petroleum type for soil, groundwater, and soil vapor.  Refer to DOH HEER Office EAL guidance for all environmental action levels and EHE/EHMP guidance.  DOH UST section does not use the ROD/RAM report designations but these formats may be applied to regulated UST release response activities as applicable.

DOH UST is drafting a policy to require Multi-Increment Sampling according to the DOH HEER TGM and will have an open comment period for environmental consultants and responsible parties – To Be Announced.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Richard Takaba of the DOH UST section at 808-586-4226.


Table of Contents contents.pdf 59K
Section 1: Introduction sect1.pdf 79K
Section 2: Reporting, Recordkeeping and Permitting Requirements sect2.pdf 103K
Appendix 2-A: Format for Work Plan app2a.pdf 17K
Section 3: UST Closure and Change in Service sect3.pdf 101K
Appendix 3-B: Checklist for UST Closure app3b.pdf 15K
Appendix 3-C: Intent to Close and Change in Service Forms app3c.pdf 104K
Appendix 3-D: Notification for UST Form app3d.pdf 34K
Appendix 3-E: Format for UST Closure Report app3eb.pdf 587K
Section 4: Spills, Overfills, and Suspected Releases sect4.pdf 101K
Appendix 4-A: Volumetric Tank Tightness Testing Results Form app4a.pdf 155K
Section 5: Release Response sect5.pdf 592K
Appendix 5-B: Confirmed Release Notification Form app5b.pdf 9K
Appendix 5-C: Format for Initial Release Response Report app5c.pdf 1,049K
Appendix 5-D: Fact Sheet and Notification of Public Sample Letters app5d.pdf 6K
Appendix 5-E: Format for a Quarterly Release Response Report app5e.pdf 20K
Appendix 5-F: Format for Corrective Action Plan app5f.pdf 14K
Appendix 5-H: Format for Risk Assessment Report app5h.pdf 24K
Appendix 5-I: Format for Exposure Pathway Assessment Report app5i.pdf 136K
Appendix 5-J: Format for an Exposure Prevention Management Plan app5j.pdf 22K
Appendix 5-K: NFA Checklist for Final Release Response Reports NFA checklist 732K
Section 6: Waste Management sect6.pdf 63K
Section 7: Sampling and Analysis sect7.pdf 616K
Appendix 7-A: Data Quality Objectives app7a.pdf 68K
Appendix 7-B: Suggested Outline of a QA Project Plan app7b.pdf 20K
Appendix 7-C: Suggested Outline of a Field Sampling Plan app7c.pdf 8K
Appendix 7-D: Recommended Sample Control Procedures app7d.pdf 38K
Appendix 7-E: Recommended Sampling and Analysis Procedures app7e.pdf 199K
Appendix 7-F: Field Analytical Methods app7f.pdf 3K
Section 8: Health and Safety Considerations sect8.pdf 152K
Appendix 8-A: OSHA, LUST and Remediation app8a.pdf 238K
Appendix 8-B: Format for Site Health and Safety Plans app8b.pdf 20K
Section 9: Technical Resources sect9.pdf 53K


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